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Secure Data Recovery in The United Kingdom offers expert mobile phone data recovery from some of the industry’s foremost data recovery specialists. If you’ve lost access to data on your mobile phone, we’re here to help.

We specialise in recovering contacts, messages, photos, videos, and more from iPhones, Android smartphones, and most legacy mobile devices.

Don’t let mobile data loss set you back, reach out to our award-winning support team to arrange a complimentary diagnostic and no-obligation estimate today!

Phone Data Recovery

We Helped Thousands Get Their Lost data back

We are proud to provide outstanding customer experience and quality service that consistently exceed customer expectations.
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Recovery for Any Mobile Device, Any Issue

Our team of mobile data recovery experts in London, specialise in recovering data from iPhones, Android smartphones, and most modern and legacy makes of mobile phones. 

Nowadays, we use smartphones to store all kinds of data relevant to both our personal and professional lives, from photos and videos to sensitive documents and notes. Much of the data we store on our mobile devices is irreplaceable, and as a result, it can be distressing to lose access to it, even temporarily. 

That’s where we come in; Our London-based team of specialists have recovered data from countless damaged, corruptive, and defective mobile phones of all makes and models. No issue is too complex for our experts, they’ve tackled all manners of mobile data loss, including hardware failures, software glitches, waterlogged devices, and more. 

Best of all, our services are backed by our No Data, No Recovery Fee policy. You won’t pay unless we recover your data. Whether you need to recover text data, or images, or something else, our technicians are here to help. 

We have over a decade of experience resolving mobile data loss scenarios including:

  • Mobile OS corruption
  • Fire or water-damaged devices
  • Chip off data recovery
  • Physical damage
  • Failed or broken logic boards
  • Bricked phone

We’ve Helped Hundreds Recover Their Mobile Data

At Secure Data Recovery, we take pride in our outstanding customer experience and believe it’s what sets us apart from everyone else. 

We regularly exceed our customers’ expectations and have received over 400 glowing reviews from satisfied customers. Check out what they have to say!

No Data, No Recovery Fee guarantee

We promise you complete peace of mind with our data recovery service. In the rare circumstance that we are unable to recover your data, we guarantee that you will not be charged.

Flexible Service Options

Data loss scenarios can be devastating for individuals and businesses alike. We recognise the importance of prompt data retrieval is as crucial as reducing the operational impact data loss can cause.

Economy Services

5 - 10 day turnaround time

Standard Services

2 - 5 day turnaround time

Emergency Services

Around the clock service

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Exceeded Expectations

My husband’s thumb drive filled with years of important data failed. We reached out to Secure Data Recovery Services and was assisted by Jason Molinaro. Jason was very professional and responsive. He kept us updated throughout the recovery process. They were able to recover all his data and return it to us sooner than anticipated. We definitely recommend Secure Data Recovery Services to anyone needing data recovery assistance.

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Photos saved

Secure data recovery has been excellent to work with. I made the fatal mistake of trusting an external hard drive for way too long without backing it up. When my drive failed to load, I knew I was in trouble. I called secure data recovery and they were great to work with. They walked me through the estimate, the likelihood of saving the files, and were very professional. Thanks to them, I won''t loose family photos that are irreplaceable.

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Great results with Secure Data Recovery

I had a 1TB external hard drive that had tons and tons of audio files, work files, family photos, and countless irreplaceable projects. I took my device into Secure Data Recovery for a free quote, and ended up allowing them to recover my data. Preparing myself for the worst, I was elated to discover that they were able to recover over 460GB of data, and only 1GB was lost! Secure Data Recovery was able to list exactly which files were recovered and which were lost, so I knew what I needed to replace. All that was lost was a few dozen audio files. Considering my music collection exceeds 31,000 tracks, I would say the repair was a resounding success. I will definitely recommend Secure Data Recovery to anyone who needs similar services!

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Reliable Data Recovery for Any Form of Mobile Data

Whatever form of mobile device failure you’re going through, Secure Data Recovery is the specialist you can trust to recover your data. We have a proven track record of success, having recovered mobile data from every type of mobile device. Our technicians carry out advanced forensic mobile phone data recovery to recover any type of mobile data, including the following:

  • Contacts
  • Call history
  • Text messages
  • Photos and videos
  • Application data
  • Audio files
  • Documents

Industry-Leading Mobile Phone Data Recovery

As a leading name in mobile phone data recovery services, Secure Data Recovery offers the most comprehensive phone data recovery services in the industry. Thanks to our dedicated mobile research and development team, we’re continually innovating and finding new data recovery techniques for all makes and models of mobile phones. 

Our technicians use forensic tools to salvage data from any mobile operating system, and then use this data to reconstruct working versions of the data on your faulty phone’s internal memory.

Secure Data Recovery follows the most stringent policies and procedures to make sure that your private data remains, at all times, private. Our London-based facilities regularly undergo SSAE18, and SOC 1, 2, and 3 audits to ensure our 80+ cybersecurity management controls and standards are always up to scratch. Additionally, our labs are certified Class 10 ISO 4 cleanrooms.

Emergency Data Loss?

Don't panic! Our Emergency Data Recovery services can quickly and securely restore your lost data, so you can get back to business as usual.

Data Recovery Service Solutions

Uncertain about what data recovery service you require? We understand that a sudden drive failure is a challenging situation to handle. Let our engineers guide you in selecting the appropriate data recovery solution. Call us today to speak to an expert.


Is your device completely dead? This is exactly what we specialise in servicing inside of our ISO certified Cleanroom Lab. Get it to us by dropping it off or take advantage of our free shipping and we will take care of it for you or you pay nothing. Call us to discuss your data loss problem and the service solutions we offer.

onsite data recovery

Equipment too large to move or too sensitive? No problem for our experts. We can scramble a team to be anywhere in the world with our equipment and tools in about 24 hours to handle your data loss situation. We are trusted specialists at solving unique data loss challenges.

remote data recovery

Something deleted, corrupted or just disappeared but storage is still online? Just get us an internet connection and let our service team recover your data. You will then access it immediately. Recovery can’t get any faster than this.

Reclaim Control of Your Mobile Data Today!

Secure Data Recovery is a cut above all other mobile data recovery providers. We exhaust every option within our technological capacity to continue to offer outstanding mobile data recovery results. Indeed, our stellar 96% mobile phone data recovery success rate speaks for itself. Best of all, we boast a “No recovery, no fee” policy: on the off chance your case is in the minority that we’re unable to recover, you won’t pay a penny!

If you need to retrieve data from your faulty or broken mobile device, choose Secure Data Recovery. Give us a call today at 08001026925 to get started on your mobile data recovery journey!

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