iPhone Data Recovery

Our certified specialists can take care of your iPhone data recovery needs. 

Don't give up hope even if the Apple store or your local repair business informs you your data cannot be salvaged. As data recovery experts with a 96% success rate, we can assist in any iOS data loss scenario. Our engineers have decades of experience in data recovery and we specialise in retrieving data from iPhones of all makes, models, and ages. 

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iPhone Data Recovery

We Helped Thousands Get Their Lost data back

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Data Recovery Services For iPhones In Any Condition

As verified members of the Apple Authorised Service Provider Program, we have access to genuine Apple components, tools, and product support. This helps us deliver the best possible results to customers, even in the most complicated data loss scenarios.

Our data retrieval process for iPhones, or any modern smartphone, varies depending on the condition of the device and the reason for data loss. We can retrieve data from any scenario and we are proud of our 96% success rate, but how we do this is treated on a case-by-case basis. 

Over the past decade, our engineers have refined our methods and tools, and we constantly research new, innovative data recovery methods to ensure we stay ahead of the curve in the data recovery industry. 

Regardless of why your data has been lost, whether your device’s hardware has been broken, you’ve experienced a severe malware infection, iOS error codes have appeared, or environmental damage has occurred, we can help.

Hardware Failures Due to Water, Fire, or Accidents

There are times when an iPhone may become damaged internally. The causes of data loss are extensive and may include exposure to fire and heat, liquids including water or saltwater, or accidental knocks and scrapes. These situations can cause internal damage to circuit boards and your iPhone’s components. 

Apple has joined other smartphone vendors in providing hardware-based encryption and security. While this is a win for consumer privacy, these features on modern iPhones can result in data recovery becoming more of a challenge. While straightforward iPhone chip-off data recovery processes are now only suitable for legacy devices due to these innovations, we can still repair internal components to restore your mobile device to a working state – and, therefore, recover your data.

There are instances when severe internal circuit board damage is severe enough that repairs are not possible – such as through extreme corrosion caused by salt water. However, Secure Data Recovery has access to the resources and forensic-grade tools necessary to take on even the most difficult data loss scenarios. 

Regardless of whether your device is in or out of warranty, our engineers are waiting to assist you. We employ forensic-grade tools to assist with iOS corruption resulting from iPhone error 14, an iPhone stuck in recovery mode, or error 4013.

No Data, No Recovery Fee guarantee

We promise you complete peace of mind with our data recovery service. In the rare circumstance that we are unable to recover your data, we guarantee that you will not be charged.

Flexible Service Options

Data loss scenarios can be devastating for individuals and businesses alike. We recognise the importance of prompt data retrieval is as crucial as reducing the operational impact data loss can cause.

Economy Services

5 - 10 day turnaround time

Standard Services

2 - 5 day turnaround time

Emergency Services

Around the clock service

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Jonathan / Secure Data Recovery very professional

I accidentally deleted several files which I needed to recover. I contacted Secure Data Recovery and in a professional manner they worked quickly and efficiently. Thanks to Jonathan for all the support.

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Very satisfied

My cat spilled coffee on my personal laptop and I lost everything on my hard drive…photos, videos, documents…things I would never be able to recover. I was devastated. Secure Data Recovery was able to retrieve everything, and Daniel was extremely helpful and responsive. And they performed the retrieval a lot sooner than expected. I would highly recommend this service!

Star Rating
Great Service...Majority of Hard Drive Recovered

Eric Fisher was great to work with, very friendly and informative, I had a hard-drive that would not connect to my computer and was unreadable, they were able to save ~95% of the files! Highly recommend! Thanks for the help!

Star Rating

Dropped Your iPhone In Water?

We can help get your files back if you have dropped your iPhone in water. Our expert data recovery technicians have worked on thousands of water-damaged iPhones. We have repaired and recovered iPhones from river beds, ocean floors, and the most common bathroom fixtures. For the highest success rates, our engineers utilise pro-grade ultrasonic cleaning systems. All of the work is performed inside of secure audited SSAE 18 SOC 1, 2 & 3 labs ensuring your data stays protected throughout the process.

What To Do With A Water-Damaged iPhone

You may be wondering how to fix a water-damaged iPhone. Follow these simple steps to restore your iPhone to functional condition or successfully recover the data without making the files unretrievable:

  • Wipe the phone down and gently tap the charging port against the palm of your hand, with the port facing down
  • Turn the device off to let it air-dry completely.
  • Refer to the Liquid Contact Indicators
  • If your iPhone turns on and completes the bootup sequence
  • Backup your data as soon as possible
  • Attempt to run the Water Eject app to dislodge any of the liquid that may be present on the speaker
  • If none of the above-mentioned steps helped. Turn, the device off and contact our experts for assistance

Do not attempt to charge or power on a liquid-damaged phone. We also recommend that you do not put your phone in rice or try to dry it with a blow dryer or any other heat source. Debris and heat exposure can cause more damage to the intricate circuitry of the logic board. Refrain from attempting to restore the device to factory settings. This will cryptographically erase your data. Do not attempt to take the iPhone apart yourself as this may cause further damage. If your device won't turn on after trying to dry it out, give us a call. We've seen thousands of liquid-damaged phones, and are confident we can get your data back.

Secure iPhone Data Recovery From Industry Leaders

We follow strict security policies and procedures to ensure your private data is safe at all times. If you need to get data from your iPad or iPhone, choose Secure Data Recovery as your solution. The expertise of our engineers along with our state-of-the-art retrieval tools are what makes us the leader in data recovery. As a result, we hold a 96% success rate and high customer satisfaction rate. We are available 24/7 to answer any of your questions and guide you through the process to a successful outcome. To start your risk-free evaluation today, call us at 0800 102 6925.

Emergency Data Loss?

Don't panic! Our Emergency Data Recovery services can quickly and securely restore your lost data, so you can get back to business as usual.

Data Recovery Service Solutions

Uncertain about what data recovery service you require? We understand that a sudden drive failure is a challenging situation to handle. Let our engineers guide you in selecting the appropriate data recovery solution. Call us today to speak to an expert.


Is your device completely dead? This is exactly what we specialise in servicing inside of our ISO certified Cleanroom Lab. Get it to us by dropping it off or take advantage of our free shipping and we will take care of it for you or you pay nothing. Call us to discuss your data loss problem and the service solutions we offer.

onsite data recovery

Equipment too large to move or too sensitive? No problem for our experts. We can scramble a team to be anywhere in the world with our equipment and tools in about 24 hours to handle your data loss situation. We are trusted specialists at solving unique data loss challenges.

remote data recovery

Something deleted, corrupted or just disappeared but storage is still online? Just get us an internet connection and let our service team recover your data. You will then access it immediately. Recovery can’t get any faster than this.

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